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Provide our listeners with excellent learning material once they have reached a Plateau after completing a beginner's program.
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We avoid the flaws of older, outdated methods by being designed with special regard to the most critical reviews of current popular programs.
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Completed all levels of Rosetta Stone and/or​ Pimsleur? Still feel like a beginner?​
Good News:​
​Story Time Level 1 is now available for graduates of ANY beginner program.​
What is the StoryTime Method?

​​Remember back in grade school when you were presented a new list of vocabulary words? Were you ever told to simply read the definition and be expected to quickly remember what each word means? You were probably instructed to first read or listen to the definition and THEN compose your own sentences to help you study for a test. More than likely you composed not just one but several sentences for each new word to help you retain them in your memory.

The lessons presented by the StoryTime courses take advantage of the same learning method as was presented back in grade school. A combination of repetition & sentence formation along with grammar clarifications will be used throughout every lesson to help you not simply memorize words and phrases, but actually know how to create unique sentences on your own.

No "Anticipation" Principles​

We do ​​not focus on any "anticipation" Principle whose sole purpose is to have the student repeat phrases over and over to the point of responses becoming robotic. With this flawed tactic, students will only be able to spew out rehearsed sentences as answers to questions or translations come from pure memorization of conversations rather than coming from the actual learning and understanding of the language.

​With this method, when the student is taken out of the context of the lessons, he/she will be left in consternation and perhaps become frustrated as conversations do not flow as fluid in the real world as they do when studying these lessons.

No "Muted Immersion" System

Our method is not based on the absurd notion that adults and young adults learn in the same fashion as toddlers. Assuming that this concept is valid, a toddler spends 16+ hours a day, 7 days a week being exposed to their first language. After 5+ years of this exposure, the child will speak neither clearly nor properly. With "immersion" programs, this is the top level you can achieve without additional training.

True immersion only works when there are people out there to guide you and offer help when questions arise, as there were when you were young . This level of training can never be attained by playing a flashcard game.

No Games, We Mean Business

Sure, games may be fun, especially if you are a child, but they do not get you very far if you are trying to become at least semi fluent. The only way to train yourself into being able to hold everyday conversations is by having them and having them often. With StoryTime, you will not waste your time matching words or phrases, you will not have a choice of flashcards from which you are asked to choose the correct translation, nor will you be asked to pronounce words to sound exactly as a very specific person with a very specific accent speaking in a very specific tone of voice.

StoryTime is set as a series of stories designed to simulate the experience of living abroad with a family. The story progressively expands ​adding verb conjugations, everyday items, and idioms while having a tutor, or guide if you will, who breaks down and clarifies sentence structure (grammar) when needed during narration of the story.

​​StoryTime is NOT yet another program for beginners, it is specifically designed for young adults or older who have already been exposed to the language of their choice. If you have completed one or a few levels of Pimsleur®, Rosetta Stone®, Fluenz®, or any similar program, ​then you are prepared for Level 1 of StoryTime.

​If you have not completed a novice program,
StoryTime Basic is available for beginners ​(Replaces first level of any other program).
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